Race Venue Notes

Fort Nugent Park, Oak Harbor WA

December 16, 17 2017
Cool and wet for the 16th. Rain over night created additional mud for the 17th. Mixture of soft grass, rocky trails, trails with roots, slick off cambers. I ran higher pressures than needed 29/32 in fear of rocks and roots. But the majority of the course favors lower pressures and it is probably wisest to run pressures for those sections and then use caution in the short sections of rocks and roots. The park is close to flat and the course lacked any climbs.

Kayak Point Golf Course, Stanwood WA

December 10, 2017
Clear skies with frozen soil thawing throughout the day for my 1:40 p.m. start time. Soft grass, fast descents, and two road climbs defined this course. The soft grass around the driving range was bumpy and sapped speed. The descents were fast with some mud. The first climb was up a gravel road and my 38/28 lowest gear was adequate to maintain proper cadence. The second climb was paved, steeper, longer, and required me to get out of the saddle. Lower gearing would have allowed more efficient seated climbing. This course didn’t seem to endanger tires. Extra low pressures are probably beneficial. I did not log my tire pressures.