CX Nationals in Reno (day two)

In today’s post I’ll fill in a few details regarding ranking points and describe how I spent the Wednesday rest day. This post will be short so I can resume writing about the main event.

Ranking points

The previous post mentioned USA cycling ranking points. These points will be used to determine my call up position when Nationals comes to Fort Steilacoom in 2019. A poor ranking results in a late call up and plenty of other racers between me and the front of the race. To guarantee my best finish I need to start improving my ranking points today.

There is no need to delve in the nitty gritty details of the ranking system. In short, a racer improves his or her ranking points by beating riders with lower (better) ranking points. All racers have a ranking between zero and 600 with a lower value being better.

The challenge for racers in the Pacific Northwest is that, on average, our rankings are not very low when compared to riders in other regions such a Colorado. Finishing well in a local race allows only small improvements in ranking points as compared to a similar finish in other regions. As an example, the ranking points for my two races in Reno were roughly 100 points lower than my best local ranking points.

Rest day Wednesday

Just two items comprised my todo list for rest day.

First up was a recovery ride. I drove to Rancho San Rafael Park and then took a slow spin around the park and neighborhood. This ride was just long enough to loosen up my leg muscles. I am happy to report this was the only time my backup bike was utilized.

The final task for Wednesday was to capture some of the visuals for this blog. I took a few hours to stroll and chat and find interesting directions to point my camera.

Most surprising was the WD-40 sponsored bike cleanup area. Pressure washers, tables of chemicals, and helpers were in full force on Tuesday morning. By Wednesday afternoon, the time of my photo stroll, the course had dried, few bikes were in need of a hose down, and the WD-40 camp was quiet.

Table covered with WD-40 branded cleaning supplies at Cyclocross race
Dirty rags and empty containers here must mean clean and squeak free bicycles elsewhere.

Not all the vendors were set up by Wednesday.  But the Atom wheels crew was in place. The vendor took the time to share with me what his company had learned about hosting VIP’s at an event. He showed my into a ten by thirty tent that included heat, food, chairs, and a selection of beverages. These guys do it right.

Display of Atom brand bicycle wheels
Georgous wheels. My camera could not resist.

My favorite image, after the Cannondale motorhome, was the Assos cycling gear display. Apparently this mini showroom folds up into a trailer. My camera also found the oversize and color matched tow rig.

Assos cycling apparel display trailer
The mini showroom on wheels was spectacular. The vendor informed me that it is Origami-like and folds up into a trailer for travel to the next event.
Large truck with Assos brand paint scheme
It wasn’t hard to find the Asson brand-vendor-display tow vehicle.

In my next post, which I’m writing while you’re reading, I’ll share my experience of the Master Men’s 45-49 Championship race.