CX Nationals in Reno (looking in the mirror)

Cyclocross racers riding the sand feature

After a month of pondering on my Reno CX Nationals adventure I’m feeling quite content. The big picture summary is that I created and refined a game plan, executed that plan with intentionality and focus, and brought home some wisdom and experience.

Additional introspection required me to weigh my gains against my costs. My costs included some dollar Continue reading “CX Nationals in Reno (looking in the mirror)”

CX Nationals in Reno (the race)

Racers lined up at start of cyclocross race

By Thursday of Reno CX Nationals week I was  accustomed to a routine. Sleep a little long, walk from my hotel to the TA travel center for mediocre coffee, and then slowly pack my bike and gear for another day of racing at Rancho San Rafael Park.

To prevent my nerves from getting the better of me I jotted down a time line of tasks between arrival and race start. I’ve done these lists in the past and they help me remember what to do and when to do it as the clock winds down to race time and my anxiety winds up. Continue reading “CX Nationals in Reno (the race)”

CX Nationals in Reno

Bus to motorhome conversion in Cannondale livery

My first Cyclocross Nationals is in the bag. My experience in Reno was an overwhelming success and I’ll be sharing what was seen, the events that unfolded, and what was learned over a few posts starting today.

Reno’s Rancho San Rafael Park held host to the 2017 USA Cycling Cyclocross Nationals. The course designers utilized this park to create a fun and challenging course with two distinct personalities.

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What’s Next Cyclocross 2017

Vintage Alan Cyclocross bike hangs in the pits

My cyclocross racing season is still in motion. The end of the Cross Revolution series usually signals the beginning of rest season. But, as of today, just one more event separates my legs from some well deserved rest. Let me elaborate.

Cyclocross Nationals, which comes to town in December of 2019, uses a ranking system to determine call up order. Acquiring ranking points requires competing in USA Cycling sanctioned events. This year I extended my season to include four sanctioned events in the timespan of just fifteen days.

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