Dwaine plans to compete in the amateur race during the 2019 Cyclocross Nationals at Fort Steilacoom Park.  This website will document that journey. The most recent articles appear below with access to all dated content via the ‘all posts’ link.


Cyclocross racers riding the sand feature

CX Nationals in Reno (looking in the mirror)

After a month of pondering on my Reno CX Nationals adventure I’m feeling quite content. The big picture summary is that I created and refined a game plan, executed that plan with intentionality and focus, and brought home some wisdom and experience. Additional introspection required me to weigh my gains against my costs. My costs …

Racers lined up at start of cyclocross race

CX Nationals in Reno (the race)

By Thursday of Reno CX Nationals week I was  accustomed to a routine. Sleep a little long, walk from my hotel to the TA travel center for mediocre coffee, and then slowly pack my bike and gear for another day of racing at Rancho San Rafael Park. To prevent my nerves from getting the better …

Cyclocross bikes on hooks at cyclocross race

CX Nationals in Reno (day two)

In today’s post I’ll fill in a few details regarding ranking points and describe how I spent the Wednesday rest day. This post will be short so I can resume writing about the main event. Ranking points The previous post mentioned USA cycling ranking points. These points will be used to determine my call up …